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CHCC Fundraising Project

Charitable Donation Appeal

Hello CHCC curlers.

Back in September, I let you know that the Club Board was in the process of applying to allow members to make tax-creditable charitable donations that would be used to advance our capital spending priorities.

We’ve now been approved! Carleton Heights is the 5th curling club in Ontario able to raise funds for a capital project and have members get a charitable donation receipt they can use for tax purposes.

In September, I mentioned the Club’s investments over the summer in equipment upgrades and new energy-saving lighting. The Board has selected its next project: the purchase of an ice monitoring and curling rink control system that will reduce club electricity costs by an estimated $6,000-$12,000 per year, as well as make us eligible for both a hydro rebate and OVCA grant totalling $3,750-$7,500. The system is already in place in over 50 curling clubs. It will allow our Ice Technician Team to control all aspects of the ice and building environment, including the brine pump, the compressor, the ice plant, the heater and dehumidifier, via computer and smart-phone, all to achieve the best quality ice at the lowest possible energy cost. All things considered, payback for the system can be as little as one year.

We have set a project goal of raising $12,000 to pay for this product, and we’d like to raise this between now and October 2018.

This is where you come in. We need your charitable support! Here’s how you can make a donation:

  • Donations are made through the National Sport Trust Fund-Ontario (NSTF-O).
  • They can be made on-line or by cheque, following the instructions at
  • Specify that you wish your donation to go to Carleton Heights (project #90).
  • You will receive a charitable donation receipt for the full amount you’ve given, which you can use on your tax return.
  • If paying on-line, receipts will be e-mailed within 10 minutes.
  • If paying by cheque, receipts will be e-mailed after receipt, deposit and bank clearing.
That’s it. All donations will be held by the NSTF-O until CHCC makes its purchase next year. Program administration fees levied by the NSTF-O are minimal - $2 per tax receipt issued plus a 3% commission on all donations – so your support will truly help the Club. To make your donation count for this tax year, make yours before December 31, 2017.

There are many worthy charitable causes. We hope that you consider the Club when you next think of making a donation.

Rob Kanasy (President), on behalf of the CHCC Board
November 2017