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Day Men Curling   -   Flegel Trophy

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2019 Team Roster

Team 1

Doug Woods
Lee McCormack
Fred Odoysk
Ken McCarvill

Team 2

Les Sicoli
Bruce Ullett
Roch Cote
Howard Friendly

Team 3

Wayne Moore
Gary Attfield
Ken Hollingshead
Murray Manley

Team 4

Sam Hill
Doug Stafford
Gary Mahoney
Dave Bowman

Team 5

Albert Cole
Michael Mace
Bob Walsh
Richard Huyda

Team 6

Darrell Barnes
Dave Scott
George Burbidge
Mike Jowett

Spares: Wayne Attfield (except Feb. 15)    Jim Henneberry    Jeff Sanderson    Darl Dimillo    Paul Dillman

  1. Players from the spares list should be called before trying other Day Men members as spares.
  2. Having fewer than 2 players from the original team present for a game results in a default.
  3. Spares may play missing person’s position or Lead.

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2019 Flegel Trophy Standings

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