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Day Men Curling   -   President’s Trophy

2019 Day Men President's Trophy Winner

Team Woods

From left to right:
Lead: Gary Mahoney, Second: Lee McCormack, Third: Wayne Attfield, Skip: Doug Woods
Presenter: Doug Stafford

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2019 - 2020   Team Roster

Team 1

Bas Adam
Terry Perkins
John Kiedrowski
Jeff Sanderson

Team 2

Darrell Barnes
Terry Kuzma
Fred Odoysk
Joe Lajeunesse

Team 3

Gerald Fallu
Jim Henneberry
Bob Walsh
Les Sicoli

Team 4

Bob Matheson
Bob Ellis
Brian Overton
Ken McCarvill

Team 5

Wayne Moore
Jim Raina
Harold Campbell
Mike Jowett

Team 6

Bob Pepin
Gary Attfield
D.Scott / M.Mace
Don Craig

Team 7

Doug Stafford
Ron Bernard
George Burbidge
Erling Rud

Team 8

Doug Woods
Wayne Attfield
Lee McCormack
Gary Mahoney

Spares:   Darl DiMillo, Murray Manley, Sam Hill (Nov. only)

  1. Players from the spares list should be called before trying other Day Men members as spares.
  2. Having fewer than 2 players from the original team present for a game results in a default.
  3. Spares may play missing person’s position or Lead .

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2018   President’s Trophy Schedule

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2019 President’s Trophy Standings

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