We are on track to install a new ice plant over the upcoming off-season. Because CHCC has received a significant grant to facilitate our new ice plant and capital improvements, we must perform an audit or “review engagement” to fulfill the conditions for our grant.

An audit is an extensive (and more expensive) assurance that the club’s financial statements are free of material misstatements, while a review engagement is meant to ascertain whether or not the financial statements are believable or plausible. To save significant costs, CHCC would like to perform the review engagement rather than a full audit. In order to move ahead with this approach, we need to secure the approval of our membership. An 80% vote in favour of our preferred approach is required.

To that end, we are booking a virtual general assembly meeting of all members on Wednesday, January 25 at 18:00. This meeting will last an hour or less. 

Click here for full meeting details.