2023 Prostate Cancer Bonspiel

Information Poster

Carleton Heights Curling Club Joins Forces with Prostate Cancer Support Ottawa
Over $13,400 raised!

We hope everyone enjoyed the day of curling, comradery, and fundraising for Prostate Cancer Support Ottawa (PCSO) From the many photos in the video, it seems everyone was laughing and smiling during the entire day.  It was nice to see our club in such a happy mood and for such a good cause.

With all the online donations and fundraising during the day, we raised over $13,400 for PCSO!  This would not have been possible without the contributions from our generous donors and corporate sponsors (Royal LePage TEAM Realty and Executive Golf). Congratulations everyone for making this such a tremendous event.

There are a lot of people to thank:
I can’t say it enough but THANK YOU Judy DiMillo and her army of volunteers.  From the first cup of coffee and muffins in the morning to the last piece of cake at the banquet she ran the food and other aspects of this bonspiel like a well-oiled machine.  Credit has to go to the women of our club.  As Judy would say this is not their first rodeo.  Over 20 years our club has hosted and raised money (over $640,000) for Breast Cancer.  This bonspiel would not have been possible without her and the team of volunteers.  And we must not forget Don Richardson’s lasagna!  What a great meal!

Special thanks to Denise Trottier and her group of charity bakers.  They provide a ton of baking which we were able to raffle off for PCSO.

Also, thanks to Ken Hollingshead for being our Draw Master.  He is a whiz at spreadsheets.  His macros make our heads spin but helped in sorting through the scores to make sure the right teams won.   Congratulations to the winning teams, but as we know everyone won that day.

Draw A
1st Place    Team Irwin            $320
2nd Place   The Squabblers    $160

Draw B
1st Place    Team Craniford        $320
2nd Place   The Expendables    $160

Thanks to Steven Cusimano and Bruce Taylor for selling 50/50 tickets, moving furniture and general support during the day.  We also need to thank our bartenders Keira and Lyndz.  They kept things merry.

Thank you to our ice tech, Marie-Elaine Little for preparing the ice for this event and Kevin Ferguson for helping too.  We had nothing but good comments on our ice.  We are so happy to have MEL in our club!

Thanks to the teams from City View and Rideau curling clubs for coming out to our event.  We hope you had a great time at our club. We enjoyed hosting you.  We hope we can reciprocate in the future.

Thank you to the members of PCSO, Al Carl, Chuck Graham, and Doug Nugent for coming out and providing information about their organization.  The work that PCSO does to help bring awareness, provide research funding, and support men and their families through their prostate cancer journey is extremely valuable.  We were happy to have supported such a good cause.

Thank you to the CHCC executive and ALL the club members of CHCC for getting behind this event and supporting it from the start.  There was just so much synergy and giving over the past few months, which shows that our little club has such a big heart.

With the success of this event, I think it is safe to say we will be looking at running another bonspiel for PCSO next year.  Maybe we can coordinate with a couple of other clubs to run parallel events. We want to thank the teams, volunteers, and the many generous donors for making this inaugural bonspiel a success.  Thank you.


Hayden Brown
Curl for Hope Bonspiel Coordinator