Friday Fixed Mixed

Days:  Friday
Time:  7:05 pm and 9:15 pm
Format:  Fixed Mixed
Coordinator:  Susan Oliver



About Us

For the Friday Mixed League each team is comprised of two men and two women throwing in alternating positions.

Prior to COVID, the Friday Mixed league typically had between 18-21 teams, using all four sheets for both the 7:05 pm and 9:15 pm draws. Each team had 2 or more byes over the season, so all teams play the same number of games. Byes can also provide flexibility to help deal with alternate weekend plans.

For the 2021-22 season, the league had 9 teams. All teams played at 7:15pm, with one team having a bye each week.

Off the ice, the league has a Christmas dinner in December, and banquet at the end of the season, at which the top three teams receive cash prizes.

The Friday Mixed league wants to increase its membership toward pre-COVID levels. Come join us!

For further information please contact the league coordinators.